Bactericidal recirculator

Recirculator bactericidal clean for household use for indoor air disinfection (apartment, office). The service life of the lamps is 9000 hours of continuous operation (about one year). After that, the lamp can be replaced. The process of bactericidal disinfection of the surrounding air is achieved by creating an air flow passing through the housing in the recirculator.

Bactericidal recirculator...
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Bactericidal recirculator PURE UV120 black


Room volume - up to 650 m3 (~240 m2)

Germicidal lamp G13/T8; 4x30w - 120w

Capacity-240 m3 / hour

The radiation power of UV-C lamps is 44.8 W.

Lamp life - 9000 hours

Dimensions-17 x 28 x 117 cm, Weight-10.2 kg

Fan 2 PCs-2150 rpm; noise Level-30 dBA

Housing material-Aluminum 

Color-black structured silk

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