Fixture RDL series S

The RedDevilLamps Series S video light uses KINOFLO True Match® T8 Lamps with a light transmission index - 95 CRI, Osram Color Proof T8 95 CRI, Lumilux DeLux T8 92 CRI The ballast is built into the body of the device, the lamp is controlled from the body. Control of turning on of lamps according to the scheme 2-2.

Fluorescent light RDL600S


T8/18W 4 pcs    5400K & 3200K 

  CRI 92-97%     2690 gr     640х290х90 mm  


Fluorescent light RDL1200S


T8/36W 4 pcs   5400K & 3200K

CRI 92-97%    4390 gr    1240х290х90 mm  

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